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    Why does my funeral home need a website?

    A website is an online representation of your business. With millions of people searching the internet each day, it's important to have a presence online to provide information about your funeral home, especially to those who are searching for it!

    Obituary information can easily be listed on your funeral home's website. This helps to share important information with your families while continuing to promote your business. Too often funeral homes pay to post obituary information on third party sites. This accomplishes the task of sharing the information but fails to help promote your funeral home.

    Whether you understand the technology or not, there is no denying that the internet is here to stay. Now more than ever, people are looking and researching businesses online before contacting or visiting in person.

    Not only is it imperative that your business have a website, but it is important to understand that what people see online is their first impression of your business. Take pride in your website and understand it is an online representation of your business and should portray the same distinguished image as your funeral home.


    How is Digital Edge different than any other website company?

    Digital Edge specializes in creating websites exclusively for funeral homes. We know the business and use that knowledge to provide a service tailored to accommodate the needs of the busy funeral director.

    Moreover, we are continually adding enhancements and improving our services based on feedback from actual customers. We truly value your feedback and suggestions and use them to enhance our services to serve you better. Many of the new features automatically become available when they are released, with no increase in price.


    What If I change my mind after ordering?

    Digital Edge proudly offers a 100% money back guarantee. Feel comfortable in getting started with zero risk!

    If for any reason you wish to cancel your order. Call or email us within the first month and we will politely cancel your service and return every penny.

    We believe we are on the cutting edge of the funeral home website industry and are in business for the long haul. Your complete satisfaction is critical to our success. If we aren't the right fit we don't want to force you to work with us. This is one of the reasons we do not require a contract. We are confident you won't find better service at a better price, but if it's time to part ways, you have the control to move on.

    The truth is we make money from happy customers. Our website and service is unparalleled and our customers are paying very fair prices for a great product. We aren't trying to scam you into purchasing and then locking you up tight with a contract. There is no benefit to holding someone hostage who isn't benefiting from our service.


    What do I need to do in order to get started?

    Nothing! Simply fill out our online order form to get started. Our dedicated sales representatives will tailor a package to fit the needs of your individual funeral home so you never pay for a feature that you don't need. Once we've decided what features are the best fit for your funeral home, we can get started building your site. After adding as much or as little input into the creation details, we will work hard and deliver a website that exceeds your expectations. With your approval, your site is launched and available for the world to see!


    Can you incorporate my existing logo into the new site?

    YES. We want your website to be an accurate representation of your business. You can provide your own images, logos, photos, and any other materials that show off the uniqueness of your funeral home.


    What happens after I place my order?

    Once we've discussed which options and features are right for your funeral home's website, we collect some basic information about your funeral home as well as some interesting facts to incorporate into your website. Once we have this information, we'll design your site and present you with a live demonstration to review and approve.

    After approval, your website will be published online and submitted to all major search engines. At this point, there is nothing for you to do to keep the site running or maintained. If you are utilizing our EZ Obitâ„¢ feature, you will be given simple instructions on how to instantly add obituaries to your website.

    We will stay on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions or help in any capacity while keeping things running smooth in the background.


    How long is the contract?

    We take a lot of pride in our work and believe our very fair rates and exceptional service is unmatched in the industry. As a result, we confidently offer our service with no contract required.

    We aren't trying to rope you in and hold you hostage. If you decided its time for you to move on, we will respect that decision and make your new transition as easy as possible. We understand some people will move on but we are confident it will not be because they found a better service at a more affordable rate.


    What if I don't have professional photos for my website?

    Functionality is most important in a great website followed very closely (or possibly parallel to) great looking design. This includes the images on your website. You have a great facility and your website gives you the opportunity to show it off to anyone who is interested in taking a look; don't waste the opportunity!

    We are willing to work with any images you have but go one step further to ensure a hassle-free service to you and guarantee great photos on your new website.

    Digital Edge professional photographers or trusted professional photographer partners would love to come to your facility, at your convenience and shoot professional photos for your website. The session usually lasts about an hour and is included with your package price.


    What technical skills are necessary to maintain my website?

    Our primary focus is (and what we believe is one of the keys to our success) delivering a hassle-free service. There are absolutely no technical skills required on your part.

    We've designed our service around YOU, the busy funeral professional. We understand that you don't have the time or desire to learn to maintain a website. We handle every aspect of your website for you. This includes design, hosting, email configuration, mobile notifications, and even site updates and changes.

Order today! Get your hassle free website up and running in less than seven days.

We are committed to providing great looking websites backed with exceptional customer service.

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