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The History of Digital Edge

Digital Edge is family owned and operated in Northeastern Ohio. We opened our doors over 6 years ago working with funeral homes to provide tribute montage DVDs and memorial portraits across the US. We quickly became very successful as a result of operating under two very important principals. One: To always ask how to deliver a more convenient or hassle free service or product. Two: To always be willing to change and adapt to meet new customer needs.

As we continued to provide our services over the years, more and more funeral home owners made the need apparent for a high quality website. Some had nothing while others had a website that was bland and gave a false impression of what their business could really offer. We took the opportunity to develop a service that would not only be hassle-free but show off a quality business in a professional way.

We continue to stay current and embrace new technologies in order to provide products and services that are truly useful to funeral professionals that have incredible time restraints and heavy work loads. We allow our customers to dictate product enhancements and new service offerings. We don't think up useless features and try to convince you that you need them, but rather listen to your feedback and make improvements that add value to your solution package.

When you hear the name "Digital Edge", we want you to think "Industry Leader in Professional Funeral Home Websites and Exceptional, Hassle-free Service."

We want to thank you for your interest in Digital Edge. We are excited about the opportunity to serve your funeral home and exceed your expectations. Please know that the opportunity to earn your business is not taken lightly!


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